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Capable of getting offshore in some crazy swell or fishing off the back deck, this beast was built for entertainment. Designed with more space and awesome style, you can take your mates out or the whole family on your next adventure.


Length 14 foot (4278mm)
Width 5.7 foot (1743mm)
Height 2.3 foot (693mm)

What’s in a Kit

Hull, 5mm marine grade 5083,
Sides/Gunnells 3mm aluminium 5005
Transom 3mm aluminium 5005
Firewall 3mm aluminium 5005
Dash 3mm aluminium 5005
Bowcover 2.5mm aluminium 5005
Engine Hatch 3mm aluminium 5005
Stringers 3mm aluminium 5005
Rear Platform 3mm aluminium 5005
Windscreen 1.6 – 12mm aluminium 5005 (dependant on customisation)
Also included:
Tow Point 5mm marine grade 5083
Footrest 3mm aluminium 5005

*Please note boat come with a RAW ALUMINIUM finish. Colours are for mock up purposes only.

*Please note that shipping will be an additional expense. We have preferred shipping providers who will be able to assist you with your shipping. Upon sale, we will contact you to discuss your options.

Additional information


Basic, Classic, Fisherman

Rear Platform

Swim Deck, Bar Work, None

Engine Cover

Flat, Single Hump, Twin Raised


Plans Only, Ready To Make Kit, Custom Built By Us

Custom Specifications



Sleek, rounded, low profile and practical.
Decent: 1180w 950l 250h

Prospector 1310w 1100l 250h

Endeavour: 1640w 1325l 300h


Bold/sharp design, low profile, maximum protection. 

Raw finish or powder coated
Decent: 1120x 760l 300h

Prospector : 1280 w 865l 300 h

Endeavour:  1580w 1065l 350h


Protection and practicality perfect for the windy days or crazy swells 

2 front windows, will cover the average height driver clear perspex, with side perspex.
Decent: 1150w 800l 350h

Prospector: 1270w 865l 350h

Endeavour: 1585w 1080l 550h

Rear Platform

Swim Deck

The perfect addition to any of our hulls. 

Adding on an extra 300mm to overall length (1 foot)
Decent:1160w 400l 50h

Prospector  1300w 450 l 50h

Endeavour: 1615w 520l 50h

Bar Work

A must for those wanting to go a bit harder through the rocks and rapids only a
custom craft can get too. 

50 x 3 mm tubing CNC bent to suit.
Decent: 1200w 350 l 200h

Prospector  1400w 400l 200h

Endeavour:  1500w 450l 200

Engine Cover


Sometimes simple is better, whether it’s a tiedown point for your tow tube or a casting deck when you get to that elusive fishing spot this cover suits all our hulls.

Decent: 1060 w 950l 50h

Prospector: 1180w 1050l 150h

Endeavour: 1475w 1050l 50h

Single Hump

Trying to squeeze something a bit bigger under the hood. We get it!

Decent: 1060w 950l 150h

Prospector  1180w 1050l 150h

Endeavour: 1475w 1050l 150h

Twin Raised 

Need to add a bit more wow factor to your custom craft. The twin raised engine cover looks great on the bank in a raft up or jumping logs. 

Decent: 1060w 950l 150h

Prospector:  1180w 150l 150h

Endeavour: 1475w 1050l 150h

Boat Actual Measurements

Length: 14ft / 4278mm

Width: 5.7ft / 1743mm

Height: 2.3ft / 693mm


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