Our Story

Custom Craft mini-jet boat Kits
are made for people looking for adventure.

Whether you want to kick back and go for a cruise down the beach with your family, or go head to head with the best on the racing circuit, Custom Craft mini jet boat kits can help you create the adventure you want.

Our story is born out of a passion for helping people design a boat for the lifestyle they want. We are passionate mini jet boat makers who love nothing more than designing and tinkering with cool projects. 

It was from this that we developed the idea to provide a flexible and innovative mini jet boat kit that people can not only customize to fit their lifestyle, but also customize how they build it.


Our unique approach offers three styles and three delivery methods, 
along with a ton of customisations. 

Get your crew together and hit the water in one of the most innovative mini jet boat kits on the market.

Custom craft mini jet boat kits.
Built for adventure. Built for you.

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